How hydrogen-powered aircraft can help meet the climate challenge

Aviation is faced with huge, complex challenges when it comes to meeting its commitments to carbon reduction globally. More than any other sector, building back better in aviation is fundamental to its future status and ability to prosper and grow.

At the same time, the sector also has the potential to act as a model and spur to the creation of a new world of sustainable transport: an example of global co-operation across industries, governments and regulatory bodies.

Now is the time to be thinking in terms of the big picture and how air travel can be transformed to become the central element to a zero carbon transport network within the UK. Because for all the constant technological progress, transport continues to be a problem for modern, rapidly-urbanizing societies.

The freedoms associated with mass mobility also keep on meaning division and conflict: when it comes to the impacts of congestion, the expansion of airports, the building of more roads, the cost of public transport — and now, increasingly, the price of transport in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

Read the full article here on Aerospace Testing International, published 5th October 2021 by Ben Sampson…